New 7" record now available worldwide "BRIDGEBURNER" b/w "CHINATOWN"

3/02/14:Lots of upcoming gigs, more info here

"Mystery Ship revels in a swath of classic heavy rock and blues influences. One might also see them as taking cues from the European retro-minded jetset, acts like Graveyard and Kadavar, but as they display in the smoothly executed jam/build on the closing “Wild Eyes,” they have a sensibility of their own to work within, and a recording job from Jack Endino results in a sound that’s wholly natural, but not reaching for any kind of heavy ’70s lo-fi analog-ism...Anyone with this much boogie in them is going to have a hard time keeping still for very long."

The Obelisk, September 2013

"Young people today, across the nation are "super turning on" to the new frenzied guitar fuzz-rock sound! And exploding out of Seattle, Washington sails Mystery Ship- four energetic musicians who join forces to become key players in this loud and exciting genre within the music scene.

Unlike some of their predecessors in the Pop field, Mystery Ship cut loose and give their devoted fans something wilder, something heavier and more riff-centric on their new self-titled EP. In a time of more reliance on machines and even computer-corrected compositions emerging from the major labels- Mystery Ship turns the tables, and turns up the volume to show what drums, bass guitars and singing can sound like in the hands of highly creative REAL musicians.

From the unforgettable opening theme of Better Off, which runs like a freight train and impacts like a landslide-- to the more introspective and deep earth of Paleodaze, Mystery Ship show a variety of moods and situations which are guaranteed to rewards close listenings and add legions of new fans to their already expanding legacy! I think its high time we climb aboard and NOT miss out on any of the adventure!"

Gordon Raphael